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KRIS Sheepscot Sponsors and Cooperators

The following organizations have either funded KRIS Sheepscot, contributed data, or participated in the Sheepscot Technical Advisory Committee (Sheepscot TAC). For a list of STAC members, click here.

Sheepscot Valley Conservation Association

Established in 1969, the Sheepscot Valley Conservation Association (SVCA) is
a nonprofit land trust and advocacy group. Its mission is to conserve and
restore the natural and historic heritage of the Sheepscot Watershed. It
currently protects significant natural areas in the watershed through
purchases and conservation easements. SVCA is responsible for bringing KRIS
to the Sheepscot and is a full participant, along with IFR, in constructing
the database.

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization established by Congress in 1984 and dedicated to creating public/private partnerships to conserve our Nation's fish, wildlife, and plant resources. NFWF supplied majority of the funding for the KRIS Sheepscot project.

Maine Atlantic Salmon Commission

Maine Atlantic Salmon Commission (ASC) is a part of the Maine state government.  Its purpose is to protect, conserve, restore, manage and enhance Atlantic salmon habitat, populations and sport fisheries within historical habitat in all (inland and tidal) waters of the State of Maine.  The ASC provided funding for the KRIS Sheepscot project.  It also contributed a wide variety of current and historical data and documents about Atlantic salmon and other fish in the Sheepscot River watershed. The ASC is a member of the Sheepscot TAC.


NOAA Fisheries is a federal agency under the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the Department of Commerce. It is dedicated to protecting and preserving the United State's living marine resources through scientific research, fisheries management, enforcement, and habitat conservation. NOAA Fisheries is a member of the Sheepscot TAC.  Its Maine Field Station in Orono provided automated probe water quality data and downstream migrant trapping data for KRIS Sheepscot.
Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (IFW) is a Maine state agency. Its mission is to ensure that all species of wildlife and aquatic resources in the State of Maine are maintained and perpetuated for their intrinsic and ecological values, for their economic contribution, and for their recreational, scientific, and educational use by the people of the State. The IFW is a member of the Sheepscot TAC.  IFW provided many documents and data for KRIS Sheepscot, including fish stocking, electrofishing, and lake surveys.

Maine Department of Marine Resources
The Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR) is a Maine state agency.  It  is a member of the Sheepscot TAC.  GIS (Geographic Information System) data from the DMR is included in KRIS.
Maine Department of Environmental Protection

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) a Maine state agency responsible for protecting and restoring Maine's natural resources and enforcing the state's environmental laws. The DEP contributed water quality data and documents to KRIS Sheepscot.  The DEP is a member of the Sheepscot TAC.
Maine Department of Transportation

The Maine Department of Transportation (DOT) a Maine state agency. It is a member of the Sheepscot TAC.
Maine Office of Geographic Information Systems

Maine Office of Geographic Information Systems (MEGIS) assembles electronic mapping data for use by State agencies and the public. Much of the GIS data in KRIS Sheepscot comes from this source.
Kennebec Soil and Water Conservation District

The Kennebec Soil and Water Conservation District (KSWCD) is a non-profit entity that works closely with the U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service in abating soil loss and protecting water resources. The KSWCD has been active in the Sheepscot River basin and data, photos and studies were captured in KRIS Sheepscot.

US Fish and Wildlife Service

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) is a Federal Agency with the mission of
working with others to conserve, protect and enhance fish, wildlife, and plants and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people. The Gulf of Maine office of USFWS works toward building partnerships to protect and restore nationally important fish and wildlife habitat. They provided spatial data for KRIS Sheepscot and are represented on the Sheepscot TAC.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a federal agency was founded in 1970 and is responsible for protection of human health and the environment and working for a cleaner, healthier environment for the American people. Land use spatial data in KRIS Sheepscot database are from the U.S. EPA.
Trout Unlimited

Trout Unlimited (TU) is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to preservation and restoration of America's cold water resources. TU is particularly active in the Northeast on issues such as acid rain. TU is represented on the Sheepscot TAC and has helped to review the KRIS Sheepscot project.

USGS U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) a Federal agency that concerns itself with science about the Earth, its natural and living resources, natural hazards, and the environment.  The USGS is a member of the Sheepscot TAC.  Data in KRIS Sheepscot related to flow come from USGS.

Kleinschmidt Kleinschmidt is a private company of energy and water resource consultants that have been working closely with Project SHARE and agencies responsible for Atlantic salmon conservation. A representative of Kleinschmidt is a member of the Sheepscot TAC.
Project SHARE

Project SHARE, a 501(c)3 organization, was created in 1994 through the efforts of concerned landowners, salmon anglers, businesses and various government agencies, to establish a forum to protect and enhance Atlantic salmon habitat in the five Downeast rivers of Maine. Project SHARE contributed documents to KRIS, including the Sheepscot River Coordinated Water Quality Monitoring Strategic Plan.

Sheepscot River Watershed Council

The Sheepscot River Watershed Council is a partnership of individuals,
organizations and agencies working cooperatively to support, facilitate,
guide and identify opportunities to promote the restoration of the Sheepscot
River Watershed to as near a naturally functioning system as possible in
order to protect the environmental, economic, and social well-being of the
region and its citizens. SRWC is a member of the Sheepscot TAC.



Maine Forest Service Part of the Maine Department of Conservation, the Maine Forest Service works to ensure that the trees and forest lands of Maine will continue to provide benefits for present and future generations of Maine people.

Burea of Geology and Natural Areas

Part of the Maine Department of Conservation, it is the mission of the Bureau of Geology and Natural Areas to provide the people of Maine with quality information to facilitate informed decision-making for natural resource management, economic development, conservation planning, and regulation; to provide public assistance; and to promote education.

Atlantic Salmon Federation The Atlantic Salmon Federation is an international non-profit organization that promotes the conservation and wise management of the wild Atlantic salmon and its environment.


Sheepscot River Salmon Club
The Sheepscot River Salmon Club is a sportfishing group. It is a member of the Sheepscot TAC.