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The  KRIS Team

Bill Kier is a certified fisheries scientist with four decades of experience in natural resources planning, management and policy analysis. Bill has led watershed assessment and fisheries restoration planning projects throughout coastal California and the Central Valley.

Jan Derksen (PhD) is KRIS'  designer and technical developer. A former member of the Humboldt State University computer science faculty, Jan has provided GIS, data management, and modeling services to fish and wildlife conservation agencies, state and federal water quality regulators, and private land managers.

Pat Higgins is a consulting fisheries biologist with a specialty in salmon and steelhead restoration. He has worked in the field throughout California and has written fisheries elements for numerous watershed restoration plans. Pat has been a major participant in the design and implementation of  KRIS and serves as IFR's coordinator for KRIS projects. He has a B.S. in Biology from Humboldt State University where he also completed course work for an M.S. in Fisheries.

Diane Higgins is an educator and writer who specializes in developing classroom and community materials that explain watershed functions and fish habitat needs. She holds a B.A. in Physical Sciences from U.C. Berkeley and a M.A. in Education from Humboldt State University. Diane is the keeper of the KRIS web site. 

Mary Claire Kier has conducted fish population and aquatic habitat assessments for state and federal government agencies. She holds a B.S. in Fisheries from Humboldt State University. Mary Claire identifies and obtains key fisheries, water quality and watershed documents from state and federal agencies, private companies and not-for-profit organizations and integrates them into KRIS' bibliographic resource. 

Paul Trichilo received his doctorate in Entomology from U.C. Davis, and served as a Research Scientist at Texas A&M for eight years, where he used GIS and Remote Sensing in integrated pest management application. Today, his main interests are fisheries and watershed management, and he is involved in developing spatial databases, GIS analyses, and maps for KRIS Projects.

Eli Asarian is a fisheries biologist and GIS analyst with a B.A. in Biology and Environmental Studies from U.C. Santa Cruz. Before joining the KRIS team, he did field surveys of fish and amphibians for U.C. Santa Barbara and the California Department of Fish and Game. Eli specializes in working with spatial data and he constructs map projects in the KRIS Map Viewer.

Vivian Bolin is a former commercial salmon fisher who has been active in PCFFA and IFR projects. Vivian helped acquire data, photos and bibliographic resources for the KRIS Mendocino project and also serves as the community liaison.

Summer Morlock has experience with water quality monitoring and policy, as well as land conservation practices.  She holds a B.S. in Biology from Duke University.  Summer was the coordinator for the West and East Marin-Sonoma projects.

Gary Reedy is a watershed scientist (M.S. in Fisheries from Humboldt State University) with eight years of field experience studying salmon and their habitat, including work in Oregon and Idaho. He offers strong technical and communication skills to the gathering and use of information in KRIS applications. Gary has a keen interest in education and restoration, and is an instructor at College of the Redwoods, where he teaches Watershed Restoration and Watershed Assessment. 

Bryan Flaig is an environmental scientist and GIS analyst.  He has worked on salmonid habitat assessments and stream restoration projects throughout California. He holds a B.S. in Physics from Loyola Marymount University.

Brian Woolsey is a hydrologist and geomorphologist specializing in fluvial and hillslope processes. Brian has received a B.S. from Humboldt State University in Environmental Resources Engineering with an emphasis in water resources and is currently a California State Registered Engineer-in-Training.