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KRIS Noyo Project Sub-Basins

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The KRIS Noyo Area Topic Page shows six sub-basin areas, which are the Lower Noyo (LN),  Middle Noyo (MN), Upper Noyo (UN), South Fork Noyo (SN), North Fork Noyo (NF), and Pudding Creek (PC). Pudding Creek was included because it is similar and adjacent to the Little North Fork Noyo River. 


These sub-basins are comprised of individual or amalgamated CalWater planning watersheds:

Sub-Basin CalWater Units
Lower Noyo Mouth of the Noyo
Middle Noyo Little North Fork Noyo, Duffy Gulch
North Fork NF Noyo, Middle Fork NF Noyo, Hayworth Creek
Upper Noyo Redwood Creek, McMullan Creek, Olds Creek
South Fork Kass Creek, Parlin Creek, Brandon Gulch
Pudding Creek Pudding Creek, Little Valley Creek

Matthews (1999) Sub-Basins:

basinwide.gif (29255 bytes) This image shows the Noyo River sub-basin convention used by Matthews (1999) which is very similar to that used in KRIS Noyo. Lower Noyo, Upper Noyo and South Fork Noyo are the same, but the North Fork and Middle Noyo boundaries are different. Matthews (1999) stopped at the mouth of the North Fork, while the CalWater unit upon which KRIS Noyo is based includes small Middle Noyo tributaries and a section of the mainstem.